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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Sleepless in Manhattan

So, I woke up about an hour ago, around 5.a.m ish, for the third time since falling asleep around 10p.m. I turned on the news. Lost my remote during some overzealous springcleaning. I asked myself the age-old question: is Rob Morrison actually attractive? Or does he look too much like my brother for me to view him in that light? Aimee Muzzo's nasal voice is enough to make one cut out her larnyx with a spork.
Kelly Ripa. Kelly Ripa is who I'd like to see at this hour but no, gotta wait three fucking hours.
Nora Ephron once said that Rob Reiner, after his divorce, would carry his depression around like a poodle in a sherpa bag and bring it out periodically, make it do tricks. I got nothing.


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