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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Christmas Comes Early

Lewis Black is livid that Christmas starts the day after Halloween. Because my siblings both have in-laws that need their holiday cheer, my family is celebrating Christmas this Sunday, December 12. I just met my future brother-in-law and I now I have to add him to my fucking list? What the hell is that?

"He likes coffee," my sister says. "Get him a travel mug."

And yet I'm the only member of the family travelling for these fucking holidays. Why not get me a fucking travel mug, eh?

And yes, I'm still coughing up brown shit from my chainsmoking, bingedrinking, Italiansexing weekend. Thank you to all who contributed. You bitches know who you are.


Blogger Timothy said...

kath,are you sure you know which end of you the brown is coming from? that's an important, if subtle, distinction to make. feel better.

2:50 PM


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