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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

All of Yesterday's Cookies

Cookies do indeed get stale. So does realizing you're picking from the same pool of douchebags every time you attempt to date someone.

Damn it, I kinda liked the young Italian. But for the fifth or sixth time, he gave me the "I'll call you at [insert time] and we'll meet up" and then no call. Mind you, he was the one, shortly before Tgiving who said he wanted to be my boyfriend and call me his girlfriend and how much he liked me, how he hadn't been so excited to be with someone in so long and blah blah blah. In addition to his seeming flakiness, he also gets drunk every night with his fellow comics or his roommates, and rolls into work at 2pm. And for the past month, I've been doing that, too. And I'm not 23 anymore, folks and those kind of shenanigans manifest themselves all over my 28-year-old face. He also seemed scared to be alone with me. It was never like: let's go out and do something. It was like: I'm drinking with my roommates, come over. I'm drinking at the club: come hang out with me and a bunch of standup comics. Then, most likely, sex I wouldn't remember followed by a massive hangover and needing to take a beer dump on the way back into the city from Queens, still drunk.

I don't get it. Men act like they're so into you and then do everything to prove that they're not. I give up.


Blogger Gabe said...

the last half of that second paragraph is horrifying. when will this kind of laissez faire attitude toward feces end?

and drinking every night and rolling into work looking like the northbound end of a southbound skunk is a way of life which we should all embrace. I know I have.

2:50 PM

Blogger John said...

Sounds like he is more douche than dick. But still, consistent douchery is not to be suffered.

If nothing else it was nice to see another stand-up comedian enter the room and have his ass handed to him by the comedic stylings of T.C. Hee-Vez.

Who sounds like a poet from the 30's. Proust, Zola, and T.C. Heevez. Also sounds like the stuff that people contract when they sleep around too much.

"Sara's hot."

"Dude, stay away from Sara. That girl is totally dripping Heevez."

4:15 PM

Blogger Timothy said...

in that case, sara would be D&D free and totally straightedge, man!

ah, kath. if only your dad didn't have to be fooled into thinking i'm a giant fag, you and i could date and he could comfort himself with the fact that at least a little bit of that pink shirt was fo rizzle.

save yourself for love, kath. and remember, it should never burn. adios!

4:07 PM


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