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Thursday, September 30, 2004

My first online date

Yep, bit the bullet last night. Went out with "Geoffrey," the 40-year-old actor. He used the word yummy. Referred to attraction as "the YUM factor." Said "you're beautiful. why are you single?" When I told him how my ex and I split up, said "Oh, he met someone else. Absolutely." I proceeded to get shockingly drunk off of 3 gin and tonics, the booze mixing with the happy pills in a way that made my head tingle, reminiscent of my college days on No Doz and Headz Up. He wore more jewelry than I. Talked about his chakras a lot and how he keeps them aligned at all times. Had a pretty sweet ass and wore tight jeans. This is bullshit. I want ease. Rapport. Friendship. And really good sex. And fuck if I'm gonna ask any of that from some old dude who says "yummy!"


Blogger Timothy said...

here here. jewelery's for losers. you need to get yourself a tattoo person.

10:28 AM

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