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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I don't know Jack.

The eve of New Years Eve, I had many drinks with my old co-worker and his friend. First we drank at the Social on 9th ave. in my hood, then we went to Private Eyes, one of the better strip clubs in the city. Friend bought me a massage ("You're a tight one!" she said) and a lap dance. Gotta say: I had a blast. Friend took off and my drunk ass and Co-worker went to yet another bar, the name of which I don't recall. Co-worker bought us more beers and some oysters. When we went down we chainsmoked outside the mystery bar and talked. His girlfriend of two years wants him to marry him. He doesn't want to marry her but he is interested in me. I was surprised. He's ten years older, a divorcee, and until the strip club adventure, didn't really know me outside the realm of the crappy temp job we shared for about three years. I found myself flattered and nervous but undeniably not interested. I gave him every reason for why he shouldn't date me. Even went so far as to point him in the direction of my ex-boyfriend: "Ask him. He'll make you feel much better."

Now he's calling me. Wants an "experimental date." Meanwhile, I'm oddly flattered but utterly enchanted with someone else. Also: he wants kids. Soon. Me? Not so much.


Blogger Brenan said...

I'm a little disappointed the "experimental date" idea didn't work. If that had proven viable, it might have been the most revolutionary concept in interpersonal relationships since the drive-in movie theater.

And would it require a "control date" to test against?

8:36 PM


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