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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

You might be an adult if ---

1) You congratulate your girlfriends if they're preggers
2) Your Christmas wish list for next year looks like this:
Kitchen Aid stand mixer
Food Processor (prob bigger than mini prep)
Non-stick omelet pan
Pastry Brush
Meat mallet
Apple corer
Melon scoop
Mortar and pestle
Meat Thermometer
Husband/Live-in lover of either sex
3) You meet a co-worker who went to your college. There is no way in hell you two were there at the same time. Because your freshly graduated days are at least five years old.


Blogger John said...

omelette pans are a scam: the non-stick never lasts. all you need for your kitchen is a Cutco vegetable knife, a corn baller and a waffle iron. and five chip clips, a Good Grips meauring cup, and a vacuum wine stopper.

9:57 AM


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