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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Breffest w/ Ron

Breakfast conversations with my father as of late go something like this:

Cut to:
Mr. Brown humping Kath's leg

KATH: Mr. Brown! You know the rules! No licking, no humping!
DAD: Mr. Brown! A disciplined dog is a happy dog in a happy family.
KATH: What the hell?
DAD: Kadrin! Don't use such language around ya poor fodder, godlovehim.

Mr. Brown resumes humping.

KATH: Jesus Christ!
DAD: KADRIN! It's the holy day!
KATH: Dad, St. Patrick's day is not-
DAD: Mr. Brown! Kad, you better take him out.
KATH: I don't think I want to be alone with him, quite frankly.
DAD: Mr. Brown, behave! Or snip snip!

Mr. Brown shudders.

KATH dons jacket and such.

KATH: Come on, M.B. Let's go.
DAD: Take two bags.
KATH: Two?
DAD: It might be a double.
KATH: Jesus.
DAD: Kadrin!


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