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Friday, November 04, 2005

Fe is iron

Holy shit, readers. At work, someone needed to know the periodic symbol or whatever for iron. I have no idea why I remembered that. I never got better than a C in any given science course. I got a D in Bio101 in college. Probably had something to do with those friday afternoon games of Asshole, complete with having to hold a vibrating hand massager against my snatchbox. Ah, Billy Register, what became of us?

In other news, Debt Free by 30 has been enormously helpful. Lowering your interest rates on your credit cards really is as easy (well, I wouldn't call it easy as I was humiliated while doing it) as calling your company and laying it out. They have payment plans where they can lower your rate for a year and thus your payments actually lower your balance, as opposed to paying just the minimum with an 18% or higher rate . .. you'd never pay that off! (That's highway robbery, Kad! As Ron would say) In addition, I make my own coffee (thank you, johnnicpn) or hit the machine at work, keep oatmeal at my desk and exhaust my pantry and fridge before deciding to order sushi with my debit card. I made the adult decision of staying in Weds night rather than eating and boozing out downtown, even though it would have been a blast. Although, to be fair, I was tired. And sometimes I walk to and/or from work (30+ blocks each way), benefitting both my plump thighs and my not-so-plump wallet. The inspiration for all of this? Recently started using Quicken and once you add the numbers up, well, you gotsta do something, no?

In short, I won't be debt-free by 30 but perhaps I won't be living paycheck to paycheck quite as much.

I continue to come up with possible secret lives for the mute Asian chick who sits across from me in cubeland. I've decided she's a cold-blooded killer. Her victims never hear her coming and she moves with ninjalike speed and grace.


Blogger Hackett said...

Ah, Billy Register. There's no end to dildonic shenanigans.

1:24 PM

Blogger John said...

Best Comment of the Year goes to...

Dildonic Shenanigans!

2:01 PM


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