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Monday, November 01, 2004

Cute? Yes. Couth? Not so much.

I had a callback for a Time Warner audition today. In it, my husband shows me the wirefree, messfree wonders of our new HD installation. I'm pissed because as the runner of the household and the breadwinner, I had rearranged the living room to accomodate lots of technological accoutrement (sp?). So I do the scene in front of four ad execs and the casting director with a very funny guy named Scott. At the end of the scene, I turned my head and muttered "jackass." Everyone in the room laughed a bit. We received direction. Did it again. This time, Scott and I just went with it. I muttered "Fucking douchebag. Fucking cable box. This marriage is so over" and he responded in turn. And again, laughter. Perhaps what was weirdest is that I had a look at all the other women in the audition and they were cookie cutter images of each other. Late 20s, straight, shiny hair to their shoulders, perky breasts ensconced in solid V-neck sweaters, perfectly-fitted jeans . . a generic, hip, casualness flitted about them. In the meantime, I'm hoping I don't have an afro or lipstick on my teeth.

Halloween weekend was quiet but good. Next year my friends and I are going as the cast of Will and Grace. It's gonna be awesome.

I watched "Made" over the weekend. I am now officially in love with Vince Vaughn. He and I and Kelly Ripa are going to make beautiful babies together somehow.


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