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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Uma Thurman is my girlfriend

Wow, I resisted watching Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 for some time now. Little did i know it was all girl power and shit. Wow.

Been swamped at work, which is where I traditionally blog. I get to work at 9am, Balance Bar (caramel nut blast) and black iced coffee with two sugars in hand, and ruminate on life's stupidity. Alas, I have had no time. Job kicks ass, though. Sadly, my boss who is the coolest chick ever, is leaving the company. Figures. Note title of blog, por favor.

I've holed myself up in my apartment for the day so as to catch up on much needed writing time and do some house cleaning. I have the following not-especially-interesting revelations to share:

1) sushi = excellent comfort food
2) Darryl Hannah hasn't aged a bit.
3) Tarantino is a fucking fantastic writer (re-visited True Romance after watching Kill Bills).
4) sometimes, I drink too much. (note to self: consider eating dinner BEFORE happy hour).
5) if I ever get married, i'm going to Vegas and i'm sending out an evite. a nice Catholic priest who doubles as an Elvis impersonator will do the honors.
6) i'm way too poor for my apartment to be this hot.
7) one of my cousins at my sister's wedding said "you'll never regret being nice." i've decided this is bullshit and that not everyone deserves your kindness. there is a fine line between nice and spineless and oftentimes, i've fallen on the wrong side of nice. this, amongst countless other reasons, is why i could never be a successful Buddhist.

Told you they weren't interesting.


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