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Monday, April 25, 2005

That boy who caused you pain/ That boy's got shit for brains

Okay, so my boss gets GQ and I'm so annoyed by some article titled some bullshit title like "the secret lives of men"or some such similar bullshit and how at an early age (like, 12), when boys are first caught with masturbatory materials by their moms and are forced to tell some poor excuse for a lie and thus are forever programmed to lie to women, especially about sex. how men with only one woman, one house, one car, one life are some sort of failure.

hello? dumbassbullshitdickinyourhanddouchebag! i love it so much when people who write for these bullshit dumbass magazines pretend that women don't have sexual impulses, sexual needs, unspoken of wants that they play in their brains like the private porno tape that runs while goodmeaning but poorly trained boys lick their pussies.

it's such bullshit. do people think married women don't get bored? that they don't notice when their husbands get fat, lose hair, lose erections . .. .it's not just guys that cheat, folks. and it's not just guys with wandering eyes and secret lusts, acted upon or no. it's bullshit.

this sort of archaic nonsense belongs in a magazine from the 1950s.


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