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Friday, May 06, 2005

Every anxious wave rode through/To find me lying safe with you

That's right, folks. Sebadoh has a song called "Kath." How badass am I, you ask? So badass. Yes, it's a really old song but it seemed appropriate for today. And I talked to my friend Jon last night who introduced me to Sebadoh. Lyrics follow later in this post.

I've decided there a few, I don't know "tests" if you will, to gauge how much you want someone in your life, in your space (and feel free to add on, I love to hear your thoughts, good folks in the cosmos of Blogland)

1) THE TOOTHBRUSH TEST. If you find yourself in the local drugstore saying to yourself: "you know, I should probably have a spare toothbrush on hand with one of those cover thingies in case Johnny Sleeps Over would like to freshen." This is usually after he's hit your Listerine a few times already in previous stays.

1a) THE TOOTHBRUSH TEST #2. This one is a bit more hardcore. You're willing to SHARE your toothbrush with someone. You're already licking each other's bathing suit places and seriously frenching so why the eff not?

Then there are the post-breakup tests to gauge how much you miss someone or, perhaps more likely, how much you miss having Someone and the give-a-shitness-they-bring to your daily existence:

1) THE MUSIC TEST. I couldn't listen to Elvis Costello for some time after one breakup. Today I happily listen to the Killers, Snow Patrol and the Postal Service. (Eff you, Patty Mean!)

2) THE TV TEST. I couldn't initially watch Rachael Ray or Unwrapped after breaking up with Fat Daly. But perhaps that was because I couldn't watch those shows without being reminded of his massive gut and shocking quantity of backhair.

3) THROWING OUT THE AFOREMENTIONED TOOTHBRUSH. That just sucks, quite frankly. Although, again, I did that without too much trouble recently.

4) THE I-MUST-CHANGE-MY-SPACE-IN-SOME-WAY-IMMEDIATELY-BECAUSE-EVERYTHING-REMINDS-ME-OF TEST. This is usually reserved for a longterm relationship followed by a painful breakup. Sometimes your friends are kind enough to take part. This involves tossing the pictures, hiding or tossing the gifts/little notes/clothes, et al from the person who is no longer a part of your life. Maybe you move your bed to a different corner, get a new set of sheets. Buy some plants.

And if I understand the lyrics below correctly, I hope to someday believe them:


I’m so glad I waited for this
Every nervous moment worth it
Every anxious wave rode through
To find me lying safe with you
All too right
Righteous coward, chicken-head waiting for a storm in paradise
Push, whine, push
To gripe to her at me
We killed the jealous; killed the judgment right
I’m so glad the wait is through
I’m so glad I waited for you


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