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Monday, May 09, 2005

I wanna see it when you get stoned/ on a cloudy breezy desert afternoon

I accidentally got stoned recently. But it was more like a rainy saturday city night. I always liked "Car" by Built to Spill. Reminds me of my youth and my stint in college radio. Sigh.

Lots of people I know are popping out babies these days. Don't really know what that's all about. I'm still confused that I'm closer in age to the mom on "Gilmore Girls" than the annoying daughter. Not that I watch "Gilmore Girls." Ever. Really.

So, yours truly may finally get her chance at an orgy next month. No more cockblocking from Ron Weeyums or the ever-randy toy poodle Mr. Brown.

I spent Mothers Day, as I often do, with my dad. We agreed to meet at Home Depot, in the Lighting Fixtures department, at 4pm, then have a casual dinner.

I arrived at 3:55pm. My cell started ringing as I entered Home Depot.

"I'm at Home Depot"
"I know. So am I."
"I'm in da Lighting Fixchas depahtment."
"Dad, I'm here."
"Hi, Dad."

Dad had already done a thorough, albeit shuffling, walkthrough of the store. We were off. It felt like when you're in a relationship and you know it's over and you're doing your best to be kind but it's unsalvageable. We then went to the Comfort Diner across the street so Dad wouldn't have to walk very far. I ordered Thanksgiving Every Day, which was outstanding. Dad's Caesar Salad and chicken soup were "lousy." Why anyone would order a salad at a diner is beyond me. Our waiter was almost-attractive, a smidge of toothpaste crusted on his upper lip.

Dad walked with me to seventh avenue, then took a bus home. He called me later that night.

"Hi, Kad."
"Hey, what's up?"
"I just wanted to apologize for being testy earlier."
"It's okay."
"I guess I just wasn't feeling well."
"I tried to get you out of there. You wouldn't have it."
"I know. You did da right ting. I guess if it'd been anyone else, I woulda cancelled. But I know you're very forgiving. I know sometimes I take everything out on you just because you're the only one here."

Hm. Anyone wonder why I have trouble with men. Anyone?


Blogger Hackett said...

You're just gonna glance on the subject of the hottest mom/daughter team ever?!? Shame on you. Mmmm...gilmore girls...

3:45 PM

Blogger Kath said...

goddamit, hackett, yes the gilmore girls are hot. there, i said it. especially the mom. ah! i just called a mom hot. jesus christ. jews on skates.

5:36 PM


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