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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hot pot of coffee!

Just spilled a huge cup of coffee. Not on my desk, thankfully but on the rug. Looks like a friekin Newfoundland took a leak next to my filing cabinet. That's great. Yet another final interview tomorrow. Different company this time. I've received instruction to be "warmer." I am not, in general, the warmest of people. Indeed, I am often cold and surly. Tim will attest to this, given his initial impression of me. Alas. This job though could be sweet. Walking distance from my apartment. Really nice people. Nice money. Good benefits. Business casual. Only a small number of garments would thus need to be purchased. Wish me luck. Coincidentally, I will be interviewing with a man also named Tim.

In other news, I have Mr. Brown for the week. He let me sleep in today so I took him on a long walk. He's very cuddly. And he asks for so little. And he's always happy to see me, no questions asked. It's very nice.


Blogger Hackett said...

3:1 odds you go into the interviewer's office and see only the high back of a leather bound chair. You sit, clear your throat after an uncomfortable silence, and hear "So good of you to join us..." then the chair swings around, "Ms. Williams!" - My god, it's Jives! It's been him all along! Noooo!

I get the impression that Mr. Brown's most frequently uttered phrase this week will be "Oh, I don't want to trouble you, dear."

2:36 PM


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